Sugaring Hair Removal

sugaring hair removal


What Is Sugaring?


Never wax again! This ancient method of hair removal uses a sugar paste made up of pure, natural, vegan ingredients. It is more sanitary and less painful. There is also very little waste with this method making it the ultimate eco-friendly way to extract hair. 

Sugaring Hair Removal will not:

  • burn the skin

  • damage the dermal cells

  • “pit” the delicate facial skin cells

  • scar the follicle mouth or surrounding area

  • promote cross contamination

  • cause unnecessary discomfort

sugaring hair removal technique

sugaring hair removal technique

Sugar Paste

Sugar Paste


New Client Prices

Brazilian: $60

Extended Bikini: $45

Bikini: $30

Underarms: $25

Full Arms: $40

Half Arms: $30

Full Leg (including toes): $80

Half Leg (including toes): $60

Chest (includes stomach): $70

Back: $70

Happy Trail: $10

Toes: $5


Return Client Prices

(must be booked within 3-6 weeks of last sugaring treatment)

Brazilian: $40

Extended Bikini: $35

Bikini: $25

Underarms: $20

Full Arms: $35

Half Arms: $25

Full leg (including toes): $70

Half Leg (including toes): $55

Chest: $60

Back: $60

Happy Trail: $10

Toes: $5


Sugaring Face Hair Removal

Full face (brows, lip, chin, sides, nose): $35

Eyebrows: $10

Upper Lip: $8

Chin: $10

Sides of Face: $10

Upper lip & Eyebrows: $15

Nose: $8

Ears: $8


Sshhh...secret services

Vagacial: $15

Yes, you read that right, this is a skin conditioning treatment for your kitty! Geared towards soothing the skin and helping prevent ingrown hairs after a brazilian hair removal treatment. 


Let’s keep this pretty kitty train rolling with a little bling! Fun for anniversaries, wedding nights, birthdays or just because! We have a variety of designs to suit every taste and holiday! Ask to see our current stock.