Facial Services


Skin Care Services

*Don't sabotage your facial! We offer complimentary make-up brush cleaning and phone sanitization with all facial services. Simply bring them with you to your appointment and they will be ready to go for you before you walk out our door.

** A skin consultation is recommended before any facial treatment for the best quality service, but it is not required. Fill out our on-line form for your convenience.


Dermasound Facial

The Dermasound machine is a clean, environmentally-safe device that uses cutting-edge technology and low-frequency sound waves in a 3-stage system (cavitation, sonopheresis, & micro current) to combat a variety of skin conditions. Safe for any skin condition, type and color. We push your treatment to the next level by using cruelty-free, pharmaceutical grade products that penetrate deeper making your skin look and feel its best! All of our Dermasound facials come with a lip plumping treatment to make your lips look extra smoochy! Pregnancy and heart conditions are contraindicated.

60min starting at $75


European Facial

This facial is good for someone who just wants to relax. Experience a gentle facial massage with certified authentic jade while we focus on relaxing techniques to help improve circulation, and reduce stress and tension. You’ll leave glowing and feeling renewed.

60min Starting at $55


Gentleman’s Beard Facial

Fella’s - keep things bright and bushy with this facial for furry faces. Contrary to what you might think, skin with facial hair requires effort to maintain. Not only do beards and mustaches demand trimming and styling, they can cause ingrown hairs, bumps, irritation, and itchiness. This multi-step professional treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, and protecting the hard-to-get skin underneath the bristles and is the perfect compliment to your at-home beard regimen.

45min starting at $45


Lunchtime Facial

In a hurry and in need of a quick skin pick-me-up? This facial is for you. In 30 minutes we will have your skin glowing a feeling renewed.

30min starting at $30


Teen Clean Introduction Facial

During this treatment we will teach teens how to take care of their skin: from how to wash their face properly and extract pimples correctly, to the importance of sunscreen and what products to use. They will receive a 30 minute facial during this experience as well as a take-home sample size masque.

60min starting at $55


Mother-To-Be Facial

In a hurry and in need of a quick skin pick-me-up? This facial is for you. In 30 minutes we will have your skin glowing a feeling renewed.

60min starting at $55


Back Treatment

Very often, people tend to ignore the hygiene and skin care for their backs. But like the skin on our face, pores on the back can get clogged with oils and bacteria and thus, allow for black heads, white heads and pimples or acne to be formed.

On the other hand, there are many people who get too enthusiastic about wanting to look good instantly and over scrub their backs in the shower. Little do they understand that unless the bath tools used are clean or sanitized, warm water and a dirty scrub will contribute to a blemished back.

At a.&co. Salon & Spa, our experienced estheticians can help assess the skin condition of your back and we will recommend treatments Depending on time frame and budget, a glycolic peel or salicylic peel can be added to complete the effect and ensure clear skin on your back

1 hour starting at $55

chemical peel add-on: $20

LED Light Therapy Facial

45 mins

Single Treatment: $40

Package of 6: $200

add-on to any facial: $20

Great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving uneven skin tone, reducing pores size, killing bacteria, brightening the skin and rejuvenating the youthful look of your skin. LED is good for all skin types, colors and conditions. It is safe for the eyes and it cannot be overused. 

*Results are cumulative and best done in a series of 6, 1 week apart.