"You're only as great as your last haircut."

-Fran Lebowitz


At a.&co. salon & spa, we use Aveda hair products because we know and understand the importance of nurturing the body, mind and spirit. We seek to harmonize the mind, body and spirit by reconnecting with Mother Nature through the products we use and the respect we give to all life.

We’re Different For A Reason

We are Ogden's premier salon and spa, without the premier salon and spa ego. We provide the latest techniques without the attitude. Most importantly, we care for the world we live in, one client at a time. Our salon’s image is modern with natural elements, relaxed, yet invigorating. Our friendly staff & refreshing ambience offers an escape and from the stress of the world outside.



Shake dreams from your hair."

— Jim Morrison



Aveda is a cruelty-free brand. They do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on their behalf. Their products are “people-tested.” 

Being a cruelty-free brand is an important part of their mission to care for the world we live in and for those we live with, and has been since our founding in 1978.

They strive to set an example for leadership and responsibility of caring, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.  Their commitment to caring for animals and wildlife reaches far and wide. In fact, we live and breathe it.